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    Takeover of PyraSied successful

    LEEUWARDEN – Plastics wholesaler, fabricator and developer PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic has been taken over by Sander de Boer (37) from Leeuwarden since Friday 2 July 2021. He has been operational director and shareholder since 2014 and is now taking over the company completely from founder Sied Kooistra and co-shareholder Marieke Pietersma. As a result, a new era is dawning in which, as general manager, Sander can roll out his bright future plans for the company, a company that has grown from a self-designed studio into an international brand that leads the way in acrylic (plexiglass) and recycled plastics.

     PERSBERICHT Overname PyraSied geslaagd - Sander de Boer HR. 

    A new era begins

    Sander has been a permanent part of the PyraSied team since 2008 and has his roots in the Sales department. When founder Sied Kooistra asks Sander and Marieke to become co-owners in 2014, he does not hesitate for a moment and accepts the challenge. Now is the time to continue the business independently.

    Sander de Boer: “The future of plastics is very interesting and offers plenty of opportunities. I have several future plans that I would like to implement together with the team. My goal is to significantly expand the recycled plastic range and to offer our customers a reliable and stable stock of it. That is extremely important at this time. Together with suppliers from all over the world, we are working on a sustainable future for the plastics industry. In addition, I am setting up a partner program and we are developing our own brands. We are strong in quality and we would like to propagate that. By working together more and listening to our relations, we as PyraSied can be a reliable partner and expand our distribution network internationally. I also want to strengthen our regional presence and play a more active role in Friesland. There are still so many possibilities!”

    In this new phase for PyraSied, it is up to Sander de Boer to develop the company further in the direction he has in mind. Sied Kooistra and Marieke Pietersma will both continue to work at PyraSied.

    How it all started… From a self-designed studio to an international brand

    Founder Sied Kooistra started making acrylic furniture in 1984 behind his home in Leeuwarden in a studio designed by himself. This furniture is noticed by someone from the Leeuwarden acrylic factory Casolith (now Altuglas®) and the city architect Hans Heijdeman. He arranges that Sied can move into a workshop in an old jenever factory, where Sied sets up a production line for the manufacture of acrylic lamps and furniture. In 1988 PyraSied had to leave the jenever factory and moved to a former school building.

    From that moment on, Sied, together with his wife Gonneke, has been working on the professionalization of the company. PyraSied becomes the official distributor for the Altuglas® brand and is expanding the range with technical plastics and other materials. PyraSied is becoming more and more known nationally, partly due to the introduction of design plastics; a new phenomenon on the Dutch market! The company also continues to develop as a wholesaler; In 2000 another relocation takes place. This time to a new building at the current location on the industrial estate De Hemrik. Two more large halls will be built within 6 years.

    In 2014, Sander de Boer and Marieke Pietersma became co-owners of PyraSied. The three owners express the ambition to become the largest plastics wholesaler within the Benelux, with the largest stock of acrylic sheets, tubes, rods and design plastics, and to be known as such within Europe. This mission appears to have been accomplished.

    In the years that follow, there is also the necessary attention for sustainability and the “plastic soup”. Among other things, this results in PyraSied introducing a fully recycled plastic collection on the European market in 2018.

    As a result of these developments, PyraSied continues to grow steadily. It is decided to buy the adjacent plot of land for the construction of the fourth industrial hall. This fourth industrial hall will be completed in April 2019 and a total of 2,000 m2 of floor space will be added for stocks, offices and expansion of the machinery.

    In 2020, the world will be confronted with the Corona pandemic. Of course, this also affects the regular work of PyraSied. However, from all over Europe, so-called “sneeze guards” of acrylic are suddenly requested. PyraSied therefore produces at full speed. The demand for plastic acrylic has never been so high.

    In 2021 Sander de Boer will take over the company completely from Sied Kooistra and Marieke Pietersma. He will be the general manager of PyraSied. A new era is dawning and there are plenty of great plans for the future.