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    Clean-Sky® GS recycled acrylic tubes

    Transparent tubes made from 100% recycled acrylic on stock in Ø50 - 610mmFrom 79,84 per tube ex VAT
    Clean-Sky gerecyclede buizen GS - PyraSied Xtreme AcrylicClean-Sky gerecyclede buizen GS - PyraSied Xtreme AcrylicClean-Sky gerecyclede buizen GS - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Clean-Sky gerecyclede buizen GS - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Clean-Sky gerecyclede buizen GS - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Clean-Sky gerecyclede buizen GS - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Professionally fabricating of sheet material

    Looking for a professional partner for mechanical and manual fabrications? We can fabricate all our materials for business clients.

    Mail to: sales@pyrasied.nl
    Call us at: +31(0)587676100

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    Delivery time 7 working days (NL)

    Cut length to size Close saw module
    + extra cut €5.00
    • Made from 100% recycled cast acrylic
    • The green and durable variant of standard cast acrylic tubes
    • UV-resistant
    Maximum size

    Ø50-300mm: ±2000mm
    Ø400-610mm: 2100mm

    Cut-to-size tubes

    (minimal length: 100mm)

    Need more than 20 cuts? Contact us!

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    Call us at: 058 – 76 76 100

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    New in our delivery program: Clean-Sky® recycled tubes of cast acrylic. These tubes are made entirely from r-PMMA 100% recycled acrylic. The Clean-Sky® tubes are the green, sustainable alternative to normal cast acrylic tubes. These recycled tubes have exactly the same properties as our GS tubes and can be used for the same applications. These durable tubes are optically pure, strong, UV-resistant and can, if desired, be fabricated by PyraSied into an end product for business customers. Recycled tubes are circular products and after use can also be recycled again into a new acrylic.

    Clean-Sky® tubes have the following advantages over normal cast acrylic tubes:

    • Same technical features as standard cast acrylic
    • 100% recycled MMA – less waste and less CO2
    • Reusable, recyclable and sustainable
    • Compliant with Circle Economy
    • Complies with ROHS3
    • Can be made ‘food-safe
    • Complies with Green Deal Innovation

    Stock recycled tubes

    Recycled tubes Clean-Sky® are in stock with a diameter of Ø 50 mm to 610 mm with wall thicknesses varying from 3, 5 8 and 10mm. If you want to order the tube cut-to-size, then a minimum length of 100mm applies. The left-over piece is included with the order. All tubes have a full length of ± 2000mm, except tubes with a diameter greater than Ø400mm. These tubes are 2100mm long.

    * Please note, for cut-to-size tubes, a delivery time of 7 working days applies. Our standard delivery time applies to full-length tubes.

    Other diameters

    Are you looking for smaller diameters? Then choose extruded acrylic (XT). Extruded tubes can have some extrusion lines. Are you looking for larger diameters or do you prefer standard, non-recycled acrylic? Then you can choose cast acrylic (GS) tubes. Is your diameter not listed? Then it is possible for our business customers to order other diameters in recycled acrylic with a minimum order quantity. You can find the available diameters in the frequently asked questions. Please contact our sales department to request a quote.


    Transparent recycled acrylic tubes are widely used in the industrial sector. Acrylic transparent tubes are used in, for example, stand and exhibition construction, in furniture/interior construction and often for technical applications (reactors). Also known are the water bubble columns, the so-called bubble tube. We can glue the pipes watertight with special acrylic glue. Acrylic tubes GS are reasonably UV stable, but they are not designed for long-term outdoor use. In the end, they will yellow. For inspiration, check out our Acrylic community.


    Sawing, (watertight) glueing, drilling, faceting, polishing, matting and lettering. For more information about fabricating acrylics, please go to our fabrication page.

    Brand names

    Clean-Sky® is the brand name of recycled tubes of cast acrylic. Well-known brand names are PLEXIGLAS®, Altuglas®, Astariglas® and Versato®.


    Recycled acrylic





    External diameter in mm:

    50, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 160, 185, 200, 220, 240, 300, 400, 500, 610

    Wall thickness in mm:

    10, 3, 5, 8






    optically pure, UV resistant


    decors, displays, reactors, retail design


    architecture, building & renovation, decor building, display building, industry, interior building, machine building, plastic fabricators/trade, retail design, yacht & marine building

    Technical specifications
    Coefficient of expansion:
    0,8 mm/m/10ºC
    1,19 g/cm3
    Thickness tolerance:
    0,4mm +/- 10% of the nominal thickness
    Saw tolerance:
    +/- 1mm
    Deviation angularity:
    1,5 mm/1m
    3300 MPa
    Fire classification:
    E according to EN13501
    Bending strength:
    1200 kg/cm
    User Temperature:
    -40ºC – + 80ºC
    clean cut
    Protective film:
    All tubes are provided with a protective foil.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is the difference between Clean-Sky® tubes and standard GS tubes?

    The only difference is that Clean-Sky® tubes are made from r-MMA (recycled methyl methacrylate). Furthermore, the quality is the same and the material has the same properties.

    Clean-Sky® tubes have the following advantages over normal cast acrylic tubes:
    - Same technical features as standard cast
    - 100% recycled MMA means less waste and reduction of CO2
    - Reusable, recyclable, sustainable
    - Complies with Circle Economy
    - Complies with ROHS3
    - Can be made 'food-safe'
    - Complies with Green Deal Innovation

    In which diameters can Clean-Sky® tubes be produced?

    We currently have Ø50, 90, 100 and 610mm in stock. We will soon add the diameters 70, 80, 120, 160, 185, 200, 220, 240, 300, 400 and 500mm.

    The following diameters can be produced with a minimum purchase: Ø 40, 60, 110, 139, 150, 230, 250, 260, 270, 350, 450 and 550mm. The available wall thicknesses are 3, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm.

    Full lengths:
    Ø 40 to 160mm: 2030mm
    Ø 185 to 300: 2050mm
    Ø 350 to 610mm: 2100mm

    How is acrylic recycled?

    PyraSied has committed itself for more than three years to taking acrylic back for recycling. The remains and the used acrylic are collected in a large container and then sent to the recycling factory. There the depolymerization process begins.

    Molecular chains are cracked by the heating process. The PMMA (acrylic) remnants are hereby returned to a liquid state.

    The next step is distillation. The impurities are separated to yield the original monomer. After this R-MMA remains: Recycled Methyl Methacrylate monomer. New recycled acrylic sheets are made from this.

    The result: fully recycled acrylic sheets or tubes made from 100% post-and pre-consumer acrylic.

    A dye is added to coloured sheets/tubes. This gives the material a different colour. With clear material, no dye is added.

    Why are Clean-Sky® tubes no cheaper than normal cast acrylic?

    Often, the quality of recycled material is less than the original. This is not the case with acrylic. The quality is the same as the quality of normal cast acrylic. The process to produce recycled acrylic and standard cast acrylic is the same, but the raw material is different. That is why we Clean-Sky tubes are not cheaper.

    Do you also sell acrylic tubes in colour?

    Yes, We can make cast acrylic tubes in colour for you from 20 kg.

    What is the difference between cast acrylic and extruded acrylic?

    There are two main types of acrylic, cast and extruded acrylic. An advantage of cast acrylic is that it is easy to produce in small quantities, which offers flexibility. Extruded acrylic has the advantage that it hardly knows any thickness tolerance.

    When do you choose for acrylic and when do you choose for polycarbonate?

    Acrylic is optically more pure than polycarbonate. Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is much more impact-resistant than acrylic, but yellows faster.

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