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    Professionally fabricating of sheet material

    Looking for a professional partner for mechanical and manual fabrications? We can fabricate all our materials for business clients.

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    Invision® Nature

    Beautiful design sheets with natural materials pressed between PETG sheets
    • Nature and design combined in one sheet
    • Various surface structures
    • Food grade or UV proof

    Invision® Nature is an extensive design collection where natural materials such as branches and leaves are pressed between PETG sheets. Invision® Nature is a customer-specific collection and can be ordered by business customers per full sheet via the sales department. This collection can be ordered in different types such as beargrass, leaves and bamboo in different surface structures and thicknesses. You can request a quote and order samples below.

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    Invision® Nature is an extensive design collection where natural materials are pressed between PETG sheets. Organic materials, but also cool metals, delicate textiles and other high-tech materials are embedded in this PETG design collection. It is a versatile collection with countless possibilities for surface designs and applications. This collection can be produced in multiple surface structures. Choose the most beautiful surface structure for your project.

    Stock Invision® Nature

    Invision® can be ordered in different types (beargrass, leaves, bamboo), surface structures and thicknesses. As a result, this collection is only produced customer-specifically for business customers. Nevertheless, Invision® Nature can be ordered per sheet. The maximum sheet sizes are: 1200x2400mm, 1450x3000mm (standard), 1200x1200mm, 2000x3000mm or 2000x3500mm (from 20 sheets). The maximum size depends on the chosen type. The available thicknesses are 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 24mm thick. Samples of any type from the collection can be ordered. With the sample, you get a good impression of the material and the available designs. The samples can be ordered via our webshop or by mail.

    The most popular type from the Invision® collection, beargrass, is standard in stock in 6mm thickness with the sheet size 2440x1220mm. All other types have a delivery time of only 4-6 weeks. Invision® Nature panels are available in 6 different surface structures:

    • Classic: smooth surface with light gloss
    • Gloss: high gloss and not appropriate for heavy impact applications
    • Platina matt: light matting, the embedding is optically less visible
    • Pearl: a nice pearl structure and appropriate for intensive use
    • Frosted: a nice matting for middle intensive use
    • Stone: an irregular surface structure

    The front and backside of the sheets can have varying surface structures. If ‘clear/transparent’ is desired, then we recommend choosing for Classic or Gloss. Other surface structures are also letting light trough but provide more privacy. In addition to surface textures, you can also choose from three edge finishes: cut, milled and edge banding. “Cut” is the standard edge finish and is quite rough. “Milled” is an additional edge finish and provides a sleek, smooth finish. In “Edge banding” the edges are provided with an extra strip of transparent PETG. Edge banding provides the most beautiful edge finish and provides extra protection against moisture. It is possible to choose coloured edges with this edge finish. There are additional costs involved.

    Please take a look at our product datasheets (see downloads) for more information and examples of the various finishes.

    Food grade or UV protection

    Standard PETG is suitable for applications in combination with food and is not UV stable on its own. Invision® Nature can be used for food applications without having a UV-protective coating. In other words, dependent on the application, you can order sheets with or without UV-resistance. Invision® Nature is impact resistant and is fire retardant. PETG has the fire classification Bs1d0 and is thus suitable for applications in public buildings.


    Invision® Nature is a beautiful aesthetic product and is often used for applications such as bar- and counter fronts, lighting fixtures, decors, displays, furniture, partition walls, food presentations and for retail- and hospitality design. For inspiration, you can take a look at our inspiration platform the Acrylic Community.

    Placing an order

    Interested in using this material for your project? Please contact our sales specialists via sales@pyrasied.nl. The minimum order quantity of Invision® Nature is only 1 full sheet. Materials that cannot be ordered online, such as our design plastics, are only intended for our business customers. Private individuals can order our Beargrass sheets cut-to-size through the webshop.

    Fabrication possibilities

    The fabrication possibilities of Invision® Nature is sawing and milling. You can find more information about the possible fabrications in our product datasheet (see downloads).








    acai, bamboo curry, bamboo green yellow, bamboo natural orange, bamboo orange, beargrass, birch, blade, corn, feathers, fern, jungle, lavender, leaves, raffia, stern, thai green, weed green, weed red


    gloss, two-sided satin

    Maximal sheet size:

    2400x1200mm or 3000x1450mm

    Thickness in mm:

    4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm


    fire retardant, food grade, minimal thickness tolerance, impact resistant, UV resistant


    bar- and counter fronts, decors, displays, food presentations, furniture, lighting fixtures, partition walls, retail design


    architecture, building & renovation, decor building, display building, interior building, plastic fabricators/trade, retail design, yacht & marine building

    Technical specifications
    Coefficient of expansion:
    0,5 mm/m/10ºC
    1,2 g/cm3
    2350 MPa
    Fire classification:
    Bs1D0 according to E13501
    Bending strength:
    1587 kg/cm
    User Temperature:
    -40ºC – + 120ºC
    Protective film:
    All sheets are provided with a PE-protective foil (two-sided).
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Why can’t I purchase Invision® Nature online?

    Our design plastics are special materials that needs special treatment and further information. We advise our customers on the application of the materials so that we can achieve the most beautiful result. That is why it is important to have contact first before purchasing the material.

    Do you have design plastics on stock?

    Most of the design plastics are on stock and we can deliver these materials quickly and inexpensively. Some materials we produce customer specific. The delivery time of customer specific materials is 4 to 6 weeks. With every collection, you can see which variants we have on stock.

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    Invision® Nature as partition wall

    Red like the well-known logo of the Sparkasse are the strips of bast which make our surface material Invision weed red so attractive. The transparent sheets in which the bast was embedded criss-crossing the entire panel create a lively contrast to the otherwise subdued grey and white design of the counter area.

    Invision® Nature as deskfront

    In this application, Invision® Nature is used as the bar front of a reception counter in a beauty salon. Type Invision Stem is used for this. The material with natural content can completely change the look and feel of a room! Organic materials, fabrics or metals are manually aligned on a PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol) panel and then covered with an additional PETG panel. A layer of inlays can be placed on the panels which is again covered with PETG. In this case, we speak about two-layer Invision. Once everything is perfectly positioned the panels are heated treated and rolled in a vacuum which bonds the materials - without adding any chemical substances.

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