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    Greencast® recycled black acrylic | 3 – 10mm

    made from 100% recycled Plexiglas / acrylicFrom 9,77 per sheet ex VAT
    Professionally fabricating of sheet material

    Looking for a professional partner for mechanical and manual fabrications? We can fabricate all our materials for business clients.

    Mail to: sales@pyrasied.nl
    Call us at: +31(0)587676100

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    • Made from 100% recycled acrylic
    • The 'green' choice in acrylic
    • Optically pure material
    Professionally fabricating of sheet material

    Looking for a professional partner for mechanical and manual fabrications? We can fabricate all our materials for business clients.

    Mail to: sales@pyrasied.nl
    Call us at: +31(0)587676100

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    Greencast® is cast acrylic (Plexiglas / PMMA) made entirely from 100% recycled acrylic with all the excellent properties of standard cast acrylic. Greencast® is the most sustainable and especially green choice in the acrylic world. The recycled acrylic is crystal-clear sheet material, colourfast and UV-resistant. The major advantage of this material is that it can be recycled time and time again and can be reused. It is a circular material. PyraSied can, of course, take back the material after use to recycle it again. All the reasons for opting for recycled Greencast®!

    On this page, you can order Greencast® black in fixed sizes suitable for the laser machine in 3mm thick. Are you looking for coloured Greencast® acrylic? Then have a look at our transparent colours page. Here you can find colours such as red (also translucent), light blue and blue, green and glass look.

    The fixed laser sizes that you can order here are 400x600mm, 900x600mm and 1200x600mm.

    Do you prefer non-recycled acrylic? Then you can opt for standard extruded acrylic in laser sizes or standard cast acrylic.

    Stock in laser sizes

    PyraSied has Greencast® 100% recycled acrylic in fixed laser sizes in stock in various variants: clear, white, black, coloured and opal. These variants are standard colours in certain thicknesses and can be ordered in fixed sheet sizes via the www.lasersizes.com page. Greencast® is part of our collection of environmentally friendly plastics.

    Order cut to size

    Would you prefer to order these types cut to size instead of fixed laser sizes? Then check out our category page for environmentally friendly plastics. Here you will find all the different stock colours in Greencast® 100% recycled acrylic that you can order in your own measurements in multiple thicknesses.

    Other colours

    Colours other than the stock types can be cast with a certain minimum order quantity. Ask our Sales & Support department (sales@pyrasied.nl) for more information.


    Greencast® acrylic can be used for the same applications as for ‘virgin’ acrylic. (Recycled) acrylic is often used as secondary windows, temporary glazing, indoor glazing, showcases, displays, protective covers, furniture, wall presentations or as other optically pure sheet material. Greencast® material is less suitable for very demanding optical applications such as light guide plates.

    Please take a look at our Acrylic Community for some examples of applications with transparent acrylic.


    Sawing, milling, bonding, drilling, faceting, polishing, matting and printing. For more information about the various fabrications PyraSied can offer, you can take a look at our acrylic fabrications page.

    Brand names Acrylic

    Greencast® is the official brand name of recycled acrylic. Plexiglas®, Versato®, Altuglas® and Astariglas® are brands of the plastic acrylic (PMMA).


    Acrylic / PLEXIGLAS® / PMMA





    Thickness in mm:

    3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

    Maximal sheet size:

    400x600mm, 600x900mm, 600x1200mm


    eco, optically pure, UV resistant


    awards, displays, machine parts, marine glazing, protective caps, retail design, signage


    architecture, building & renovation, display building, glass trade, industry, interior building, laser/engraving companies, machine building, plastic fabricators/trade, retail design, signage & advertising, yacht & marine building

    Technical specifications
    Coefficient of expansion:
    Thickness tolerance:
    Saw tolerance:
    Deviation angularity:
    Fire classification:
    Bending strength:
    User Temperature:
    Protective film:
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