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    Tubes and rods

    Choose from various types, diameters and wall thicknessesOrder cut-to-size with a minimum length of 100mmQuick delivery from own stock
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    Tubes, round-, square-, and triangular rods

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    Measurement details
    Measurement details
    Pressure cast acrylic tubes (GS)
    Tolerances per diameter tube cast (GS) and extruded (XT) acrylic
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Can I order cut to size tubes and rods?

    Tubes and rods can be ordered per full length. We can cut the full length of the tube or rod to your own measurements with a minimum length of 100mm.

    What is the difference between a rod and a tube?

    A tube is hollow, a rod is massive.

    When do you choose for acrylic and when do you choose for polycarbonate?

    Acrylic is optically more pure than polycarbonate. Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is much more impact-resistant than acrylic, but yellows faster.

    What is the difference between cast acrylic tubes and extruded acrylic tubes?

    Acrylic GS is optically slightly purer than XT tubes, due to the extrusion process with which XT tubes are produced. XT tubes are more cost-effective than GS because of this production process. GS tubes are available in larger diameters and XT tubes are available in smaller diameters.

    XT: Diameters 20-250 mm
    GS: diameters 40-610 mm

    Can I also use acrylic tubes for outdoor applications?

    Acrylic tubes are reasonably UV stable and weather proof, but are not designed for long term outdoor applications. They will yellow after a while.

    Do you also sell acrylic tubes in colour?

    Yes, We can make cast acrylic tubes in colour for you from 20 kg.

    Transparante plexiglas buizen XT 6
    Reactor of an acrylic tube

    Acrylic tubes are optically very pure and is therefore perfect to be used as a reactor. PyraSied can make reactors cut to size, serially and one-offs.

    LUNA18_PyraSied_Lumusinstruments LR
    LumenUs in Leeuwarden

    LumenUs is an interactive light construction that shows how different parts can work together to form a unity. It is an impressive spectacle of acrylic satin tubes and steel cables that keep each other in balance. The lighting and accompanying soundscape respond to impulses that the audience gives. Thus the actions of the public are a dynamic and lively work of art. Earlier, Lumenus was already presented at GLOW Eindhoven, Lowlands and festival Into the Woods.

    Tubes and rods from Pyrasied

    PyraSied has the largest stock of acrylic and polycarbonate tubes and round, square and triangular rods in the Benelux. All tubes and rods can be ordered per full length of 2000mm. If desired, we can cut the tubes and rods to size with a minimum length of 100 mm. Use our saw module in the webshop for this.

    Tubes and rods of acrylic

    Acrylic tubes and rods are optically pure, strong, and UV-resistant. Transparent tubes made of this plastic are widely used for decorative applications in stand- and exhibition construction, furniture/interior construction, and technical applications such as reactors. PyraSied has a standard stock of acrylic tubes and rods in Versato® cast acrylic and Primo® extruded acrylic. Cast (GS) acrylic is optically purer than extruded (XT) acrylic. XT acrylic, on the other hand, is relatively slightly cheaper.

    Acrylic tubes can be ordered in different types: clear/transparent, recycled transparent, opal and satin.

    Tubes and rods of polycarbonate

    Polycarbonate tubes and rods (Fuerto®) are extremely impact resistant, they are 250 times stronger than glass! It is extruded from normal standard granulate and is not provided with a UV protective layer. Polycarbonate tubes and rods are mainly used for technical applications due to their impact-resistant character. Particularly in lighting as shielding around light sources, but also in the process industry. Polycarbonate is optically less pure compared to acrylic tubes and rods.

    Polycarbonate tubes can be ordered in different types: clear/transparent and satin.


    You can easily fabricate tubes and rods: sawing, milling, gluing, drilling, polishing, sanding, and lettering. Feel free to contact our plastic specialists for more information about fabricating tubes and rods.

    Brand names

    Well-known brand names of acrylic are Versato®, Primo® Astariglas®, PLEXIGLAS® and Perspex®. Fuerto®, Lexan® and Makrolon® are well-known brand names of polycarbonate.


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