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    Most extensive stock of acrylic in EuropeAcrylic for professionalsForerunner in recycled acrylic


    Order per sample, per collection or per categoryVarious sample sizes available: 50x50mm, 60x100mm, 90x85mm, A5 or A4From €2,- per sample
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    Samples of all our materials

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    ecolan gerecycled solid surface
    SAMPLES Ecolan® recycled solid surface material
    Samplekettingen - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Sample chains
    Introductiekettingen acrylaat - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    SAMPLES Introduction sample set acrylic
    SAMPLES Transparent acrylic sheets GS
    SAMPLES Transparent acrylic sheets XT
    Ecocrylic® XT gerecycled geëxtrudeerd acrylaat - helder / transparant - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    SAMPLES Ecocrylic® recycled XT
    Greencast® opaal acrylaat 100% gerecycled acrylaat PyraSied
    SAMPLES Greencast® recycled opal acrylic
    Greencast® Satijn helder 61000 - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    SAMPLES Greencast® recycled satin acrylic
    recycled translucent red acrylic - pyrasied xtreme acrylic
    SAMPLES Greencast® recycled translucent acrylic
    greencast transparante kleuren pyrasied 100% gerecycled acrylaat
    SAMPLES Greencast® recycled acrylic
    Greencast® wit glans acrylaat 100% gerecycled acrylaat PyraSied
    SAMPLES Greencast® recycled white acrylic
    SAMPLES Greencast® recycled black acrylic
    helder acrylaat blok plexiglas pyrasied xtreme acrylic
    SAMPLES Clear acrylic block
    SAMPLES PET-G sheets clear gloss and satin
    polycarbonaat /polycarbonate lexan - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    SAMPLES Polycarbonate sheet clear
    SAMPLES Satin clear acrylic
    satin acrylic satinglas
    SAMPLES Satinglas® satin colours
    SAMPLES Versato® Spring satin colours
    Acrylaat transparante kleuren
    SAMPLES Setacryl® Transparent colours
    Dekkende acrylaat kleuren
    SAMPLES SetaLetter® solid colours
    Acrylaat translucente kleuren 2
    SAMPLES Setacryl® Translucent colours
    Versato New Colours kleurencollectie pyrasied
    SAMPLES Versato® New Colours
    precisieacrylaat Topacryl kleuren
    SAMPLES Hesaglas® Precision acrylic
    Fluor acrylaat kleuren
    SAMPLES Versato® Fluor colours acrylic
    Versato MYST alle kleuren pyrasied
    SAMPLES Versato® Myst mystical colours
    Versato Crystal kleuren PyraSied
    SAMPLES Versato® Crystal Edge
    Spiegelacrylaat kleuren PyraSied
    SAMPLES Mirror acrylic Primo XT
    versato® metallic Nieuwe kleuren pyrasied
    SAMPLES Versato® Metallic
    01 Setacryl Sparkling collectie overzicht 2021
    SAMPLES Versato® Sparkling Metallic
    Versato Glitter pyrasied lr
    SAMPLES Versato® Glitter metallic
    Versato® paarlemoer
    SAMPLES Greencast® Pearl colours
    Versato Stone kleuren
    SAMPLES Stone colours acrylic
    Dekkend zwart GS
    SAMPLES Solid black acrylic GS
    Dekkend zwart wit XT
    SAMPLES Solid black and white acrylic XT
    Dekkend wit en off white acrylaat kleuren - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    SAMPLES Acrylic solid white and off white
    SAMPLES Faux Translucent Stones
    durat palace collection pyrasied
    SAMPLES Durat® Palace collection
    Durat RAL samples web
    SAMPLES Durat® RAL collection
    Marlan® Solid Surface materialen - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    SAMPLES Marlan® Solid Surface collections
    Plasticiet collectie pyrasied
    SAMPLES Plasticiet®
    smile plastics: kaleido, ocean, blue dapple, charcoal, black dapple alba - pyrasied xtreme acrylic
    SAMPLES Smile Plastics design collection
    Wallcrylic® Budget sanitair wit - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    SAMPLES Wallcrylic® Budget
    Kunststof wandbekleding samples
    SAMPLES Plastic wall cladding sheets
    Wallcrylic® Colour ketting 2020 - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    SAMPLES Solid colours | Wallcrylic® Colour
    Wallcrylic® Deluxe pyrasied kunststof wandbekleding
    SAMPLES Wallcrylic® DeLuxe
    spy mirror
    SAMPLES Primo® XT Spy mirror
    two surface mirror pyrasied
    SAMPLES Primo® XT Two-surface mirror
    polycarbonaat spiegel pyrasied
    SAMPLES Fuerto® Mirror polycarbonate
    frommel wit pyrasied
    SAMPLES Versato® Frommel
    Versato® Bubble - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    SAMPLES Versato® Bubble
    ijsstructuur acrylaat mat en glans
    SAMPLES Versato Ice structure acrylic
    SAMPLES Invision Nature
    SAMPLES Cotton & Wool
    beargrass P
    SAMPLES Beargrass design sheets
    SAMPLES Versato® Edge sheet OPY1 Ghost
    SAMPLES Projection sheet APS acrylic
    light-guiding round rod ghost pyrasied
    SAMPLES Light-guiding round rod Ghost
    SAMPLES Beamshaper linear triangle structure
    SAMPLES Light guide plate Lightplex®/Luxxplex®
    SAMPLES Directional diffusers
    SAMPLES Kaos 3D
    SAMPLES Starlight
    Hexaben samples
    SAMPLES Hexaben
    SAMPLES Pyracoustic
    Ecoben milieuvriendelijke composietplaat pyrasied
    SAMPLES Ecoben®
    SAMPLES PyraDeco
    SAMPLES Spring colours satin
    polycarbonaat bootraam kleuren pyrasied
    SAMPLES Colorado® Bronze / Anthracite grey polycarbonate
    SAMPLES Opal sheets of cast acrylic
    acrylaat opaalplaten pyrasied
    SAMPLES Extruded acrylic opal sheets
    acrylaat opaalplaten pyrasied
    SAMPLES Opal sheets / diffusers of cast acrylic
    Polycarbonaat opaalplaten samples
    SAMPLES Polycarbonate opal sheets
    polystyreen diffusers pyrasied lr
    SAMPLES Polystyrene light diffusers
    SAMPLES PETG light diffusers
    SAMPLES Structure diffusers
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is the sample size?

    The standard sample size is 50x50mm. A sample usually has a drilling hole and an engraving with the colour code and collection name. These samples are on a chain.

    Special design collections such as Faux Translucent Stone, Smile Plastics and Plasticiet are only available in larger sizes. The standard format is 90x85mm, A5 or A4 format.

    What is the delivery time?

    If you order before 1:00 PM, then the samples will be shipped on the same day. Normally, shipping will take 1 to 3 working days depending on the country.

    What is the content of a sample chain?

    You will find every colour of the chosen collection on a complete sample chain.

    For example, the Versato® Crystal Edge collection consists of 8 colours:

    – 54909 (1005) Crystal glass look edge,
    – 51903 Crystal light soft yellow edge,
    – 52910 Crystal light red edge,
    – 53906 Crystal mineral edge,
    – 54905 Crystal light moss green edge,
    – 56906 Crystal warm smoke brown edge,
    – 56911 Crystal light beige edge,
    – 56913 Crystal dark Edge

    The complete sample chain therefore also includes 8 samples in total. A separate Versato® Crystal sample costs €3, a sample chain costs only €10,50 in total.

    What are the costs of a sample chain?

    Standard acrylic samples cost €2 per sample. For a sample chain, we give a 50% discount per sample. A sample chain with 22 samples therefore costs €22. Design collections and specials are slightly more expensive because these materials are also more expensive per m2. The minimum price per sample chain is € 6.

    We try to keep the costs of samples as low as possible. You pay a small amount for the material and the fabrication costs.

    Are you as a business customer interested in our materials for (interior) projects or regular applications, we recommend that you contact our Front Office or Account Managers.

    I am still in the 'inspiration-stage', can I also plan a visit first?

    Are you a business user and do you want to find inspiration for your project? Then it is also possible to schedule an appointment with our account manager. The account manager will bring a suitcase with samples of our collections to the visit, where a selection can be made together.

    Our account managers only visit our business customers. Private individuals can order sample chains via this product page.

    *account managers currently only visit business customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. For customers from other countries, it is possible to schedule a call with our sales specialists.

    crystal fringe momantai tafel pyrasied
    Versato® Crystal tables

    The 15 mm Versato® Crystal edge sheet – especially when in bright light – generates a unique look and feel as the elegant colour of the material only really shows at the laser cut edges. The thickness of the sheets also results in a solid, durable and lasting piece of furniture.

    MONK - blizzard | Plasticiet® - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Schuz shoe store interior

    Plasticiet® supplied sheets in type Blizzard for shoe store Schuz. Shelves are made of this white-black type on which various high-end shoes are displayed. In addition, there are also trays placed to create a playful effect with height. Because of the neutral colours, the shoes stand out! Blizzard is made entirely of plastic waste.

    Samples from Pyrasied

    On this page, you can order samples of all materials from our delivery program. The samples are available in multiple sizes depending on the product: 50x50mm, 60x100mm, 90x85mm, A5 and A4 format. The standard size is 50x50mm. This sample contains a drilling hole and an engraving with the colour code and type name on it.

    It is possible to order a sample chain with all variations of most (acrylic) collections. Then choose “complete sample chain” or “complete sample set” under “colour tints”. You will receive all colours or variations of that product group on a sample chain.

    Overview sample chains

    Via this page, you can order all available sample chains from our material collections. Sample chains provide a complete picture of the entire collection and can be useful for the materialization of projects in the interior sector, for example. This allows you to enrich your own sample library with our collections, giving you a complete overview of all the colours we can supply.
    Delivery options Samples
    We have samples available of all our materials you can find on our website. Is the sample not available in our webshop? Then it is possible to request the sample via marketing@pyrasied.nl. For business customers, it is possible to order larger samples through the marketing department.
    For some collections, we will add product datasheets to the sample package. Is there no datasheet in your package? Then you can download all datasheets from www.pyrasied.com/downloads. For sustainability reasons, we send fewer data sheets with orders. Would you like to receive a datasheet? Then you can mention this in the notes of your order.


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