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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What are the application possibilities of PETG?

    Caps, bulbs, domes, interior- and furniture building, display industry, 3D printing, the lighting industry and the technical industry in general.

    What different types of PETG sheets are there?

    Clear sheets, light diffusers (opal sheets), sheets in transparent colours and design sheets with embedments or composite sheets.

    Is it possible to order cut to size PETG sheets?

    Yes, the PETG sheets of PyraSied can be ordered cut to size via our web shop.
    We have various thicknesses in stock for you.

    Is it possible to order different transparent colours of PETG sheets?

    You can order different transparent colours when you order above 250 kg.

    What are the possible fabrications of PETG sheets?

    Is it possible to fabricate PETG sheets. The fabrication possibilities are: Sawing, milling, warm or cold bending, vacuum forming, bonding, drilling, faceting, matting, lettering and printing.

    PyraSied can carry out all the fabrications for you. We deliver from our excellently equipped workplace – where high-tech machinery and classical craftsmanship ensure optimal results, tailor-made according to drawings or designs. If you would like to fabricate PETG yourself, please check our website under ‘fabrications’. Here, you will find more information about fabricating PETG.

    What different types of PETG sheets do you have on stock?

    Clear, structure, diffusers, opal, transparent colours and sheets with embedding.

    Coated PETG in barfronts Hermitage

    For the restaurant of the Hermitage, we have coated the PETG sheets because of the strict fire security rules. PETG is the most fire safe transparent plastic there is.

    Bencore starlight balie paars Pyrasied
    Desk of Starlight

    This desk is made of Starlight with our pink covering sheets. Starlight is a special and beautiful sheet that can be combined with light.

    PETG from Pyrasied

    PETG is clear plastic with good impact resistance, rigidity and chemical resistance. This material is more impact resistant than acrylic and less impact resistant than polycarbonate. The material is suitable for use with food and has, therefore, the European food grade certification (SQF-certificate). PETG is an extrusion product and knows therefore hardly any thickness tolerance.

    The material is having an excellent fire classification (B1) and is, therefore, the only clear material that is allowed by the fire department to be used at airports. This material is warm bendable and is therefore extremely suitable for the thermoform-industry.

    Fabrication possibilities

    Sawing, milling, warm and cold bending, vacüum forming, bonding, drilling, faceting, matting, lettering and polishing.

    Brand names PETG

    Well-known brand names are; Vivak® and GRIPHEN®.


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