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    Polycarbonate and PETG

    Impact resistant polycarbonate or food grade PETGHighly fireproof plastics with fire class bs1d0PETG is the only plastic permitted for use in public spacesPolycarbonate is 250x stronger than glass
    Materials Inspiration Description

    Polycarbonate and PETG

    Coated PETG in barfronts Hermitage

    For the restaurant of the Hermitage, we have coated the PETG sheets because of the strict fire security rules. PETG is the most fire safe transparent plastic there is.

    Circle of life - Alf - Copyirght Janus van den Eijnden fotoboek
    Circle of Light – Amsterdam Light Festival

    For this art object is made use of polycarbonate light diffusers because they are hufterproof. Architect Rob van Houten chose the advanced diffuser Makrolon DX because this diffuser has a high light transmission and makes it beautifully diffuse.

    Polycarbonate and PETG from Pyrasied

    In addition to acrylic (Plexiglas), PyraSied also has other transparent plastics in stock, namely polycarbonate and PETG. On this page you can order our stocked materials. Read below when you can choose acrylic, polycarbonate or PETG.


    Acrylic is crystal clear, 25 times stronger than glass and available in many colours, thicknesses and surface structures. Acrylic has the fire classification EN13501. Acrylic is very easy to fabricate. Acrylic is also known as Plexiglas or Perspex®.


    Polycarbonate is very impact resistant and 250 times stronger than glass. This material is less clear in comparison to acrylic. Polycarbonate is available in clear and in some colours. This material has a better fire classification than acrylic: Bs1d0. Polycarbonate is also known as Makrolon® and Lexan®


    PETG is food-grade certified, chemical resistant and is the only plastic that is allowed in public spaces such as airports. Furthermore, PETG is impact resistant and has the same fire certification as polycarbonate. PETG is not UV-resistant. PETG does not have any thickness tolerance and is available in clear and in some colour variations. PETG can also be vacuum formed. PETG is also known as Vivak®.


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