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    Plastic wall cladding sheets

    Luxurious and elegant appearance3x quicker installed than tilesQuick and easy to install with sealant on flat wallsBarely any joints, easy in maintenanceDirt and lime does not adhere quickly
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    Plastic wall cladding sheets

    Plastic wall cladding sheets
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What are the application possibilities of plastic wall cladding sheets?

    Plastic wall cladding sheets are ideal for spaces that becomes dirty quickly such as bathrooms, kitchens, elevator interiors, changing rooms, toilet rooms and so on.

    The maintenance and installation convenience of this material makes it a pleasure to use in projects where many of these types of rooms are being built and cleaned, such as hotels, sports complexes and student houses.

    Can I install plastic wall cladding sheets on an existing tile wall?

    If the wall is having a flat structure, then this is certainly possible. If the wall is not (completely) flat, we recommend to plaster the wall evenly before installing the plastic wall cladding sheets.

    How should I install plastic wall cladding sheets?

    Our wall cladding sheets can easily be attached to a wall with sealant. Specially for this, we have selected an installation (high tack) sealant, silicone sealant and a detergent VuPlex. Both sealants are acid free and do not affect the material. When using the high tack installation sealant, double sided tape is not necessary.

    Short installation instruction:

    – the wall cladding sheets are delivered with a protective film on both sides. Do not remove this.

    • Saw the sheet to size and drill holes in the material if necessary.
    • Remove the protective film on the coloured side (not the transparent side).
    • Make sure that the sheet is clean and dust free.
    • Apply the sealant, spread the sealant equally over the sheet and press the sheet firmly to the wall.
    • Keep 4 mm space between each sheet because of the operation/effect of the material.
    • Let the sheets dry for 12 hours, remove eventual tile crosses and apply sealant for the seams between the sheets with a transparent, acetic acid free silicone sealant.
    • Remove the protective film of the transparent (sight) side directly after applying the silicone sealant.
    Should I take the operation/effect of the material into account ?

    Yes, definitely! We recommend to keep 4 mm of space between each sheet. You can use tile crosses for this. You can paint the seams between the sheets the same colour as the sheets for an optimal result.

    How do I maintain and clean the plastic wall cladding sheets?
    • clean the sheets with a towel and warm water
    • do not use abrasive or corrosive cleaners
    • do not use Glassex or solvents such as aceton and thinner
    • do not rub with a dry cloth (static)
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    Plastic wall cladding sheets

    Plastic wall cladding sheets give an luxurious and elegant look to your bathroom, kitchen et cetera. The sheets are quickly installed and very easy in maintenance.

    Skybox design

    Beautiful faux translucent stone backlighted wall.

    Plastic wall cladding sheets from Pyrasied

    Plastic wall cladding is an elegant, practical and cost-effective alternative to tiles and glass walls. With Wallcrylic® sheets, the seams are barely visible which creates a sleek and elegant look to every bathroom. Furthermore, the material is very easy in maintenance since it hardly has joints. Dirt and lime do not adhere to the material quickly, so it is ideal for spaces that becomes dirty quickly such as student houses, changing rooms, lift interiors, toilet rooms and hospitals. Wallcrylic® is practical because it has both great ease of maintenance and great ease of installation. The plastic wall cladding sheets can easily be installed within a few hours. The material is easy to install yourself. In addition, there are hardly any joints and dirt and lime do not adhere quickly. The sheets can be effortlessly fabricated on-site and can be mounted on the wall with a sealant. Ideal for renovation projects.

    The Wallcrylic® material is a very high quality and durable product and it is therefore desirable to only use the material in sustainable applications. Wallcrylic® can be completely recycled. PyraSied attaches great importance to people and the environment. Therefore we gladly take back used sheet material for complete recycling. In addition, our Wallcrylic® ECO collection is made entirely from recycled acrylic.


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