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    Solid Surface materials

    A high-quality plastic that is ideal for all kinds of applicationsStone-like surface without feeling coldLightweight, chemical resistant, heat resistant and easy to fabricate
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    Solid Surface materials

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    Marlan® Solid Surface materiaal - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Coloured stairs of Marlan® Eurotone Design

    Public buildings, such as town halls and schools, demand a lot from a material. Intensive use and a lot of foot traffic mean that as an architect or interior builder you are looking for materials that are strong, durable and practical. Marlan is such a material.

    Marlan® Solid surface materiaal - wastafels - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic
    Washbasins of Marlan® Eurotone Group

    By using neutral tones from the Eurotone Group of Marlan® you create a serene look and unity without any seams visible. Thanks to the seamless bonding, several washbasins can be linked tightly together. This gives you a sleek look. These project washbasins require little maintenance and are also a sustainable product due to excellent quality.

    Solid Surface materials from Pyrasied

    Solid Surface material is a high-quality, durable plastic that is made of mineral filler bound in a polyester resin. The material is durable because it has a long lifespan and is not easily damaged.

    We have included two collections within the Solid Surface collection. Marlan® is a Dutch plastic manufacturer with a Solid Surface collection consisting of 68 variants. They have developed six different collections, each with its own characteristics: Eurotone Group, Eurotone Design, Culture, Culture Corona, MondiMix, and Marble. The other Solid Surface collection that we have included is that of Durat®. Durat® has three different Solid Surface collections: Durat® Palace, Durat® RAL, and Classic. Durat® is known for its sustainable materials. All variants consist of 30% recycled acrylic.
    Characteristics Solid Surface
    This plastic is moisture resistant, lightweight, heat resistant, colourfast, food-safe, non-porous, and chemical resistant. Because the material is not porous, it is very hygienic. Dirt and bacteria cannot penetrate into the material, making it very suitable for the catering industry. In addition, Solid Surface material is very robust. The surface can only be damaged if someone does their best for it. If the surface is damaged, the material is easy to repair.
    Application possibilities
    Due to its excellent properties, the material is very suitable in various sectors such as healthcare, catering, recreation, government, education, bathroom, kitchen, yacht, and camper construction. The application possibilities of Solid Surface are very versatile. For example, the Solid Surface collections of Marlan® and Durat® are very suitable as a customized shower floor, bath, washbasin or kitchen counter, but can also be used excellently as a bar and counter front, tabletop, wall coverings and other interior applications.
    Fabrication possibilities
    Solid Surface can be fabricated in the same way as hardwood. This material can be cut, milled, and sanded. Solid Surface can also be glued seamlessly.


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