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    Other design plastics

    Smile Plastics and Durat are the most environmentally friendly choice in design plastics!Various collections of recycled plastic sheetsDesign plastics made from PETG that are suitable for use at airports
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    Other design plastics

    Smile Plastics bottle and coffee bar at societe generale for Hej Coffeehighres
    Coffee bar at societe generale for Hej Coffee

    This coffee bar for Hej Coffee is made from the Kaleido sheet of the British company Smile Plastics. The Kaleido sheet consists of 650 to 2500 plastic PET bottles depending on the thickness. This dynamic sheet is completely unique and has its own character. If you look closely you can even discover a barcode in the sheet.

    toepassing durat pyrasied milieuvriendelijke solid surface
    Unique and chic kitchen and worktops

    The solid surface materials are made of 30% recycled material and are unique and chic. In addition, they use natural pigments and almost all sheets are produced according to customer requirements.

    Other design plastics from Pyrasied

    In addition to design acrylic, we also have special design plastics made from PETG. These are the Beargrass sheets and the Invision® Nature sheets. This is sheet material where natural elements are pressed between PETG. The advantage of PETG is that it has a very good fire classification and is therefore permitted for use at airports such as Schiphol.

    Absolutely the most environmentally friendly design collection! Smile Plastics is our design collection made of 100% post-consumer plastic waste. Durat® Palace is our solid surface collection, the environmentally-friendly alternative to Corian or Hi-Macs.

    From our respect for life in general we consciously deal with the environment, people and material. Plastics are not disposable plastics. Our high-quality plastics are quality materials that serve a clear purpose and must and can be used sustainably. We continue to expand our environmentally friendly plastics collections.


    More than 35 years of experience in performance plastics

    Plastic wholesaler

    We deliver quickly, cut-to-size and always from our own stock everywhere in Europe


    We are plastic specialists and provide customized services for all, both serially tailored to your supply chain and one-offs


    We develop new design and colour collections annually and guide customer-specific acrylic production for projects