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    Bencore® composite panels

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    Bencore® composite panels

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is the delivery time of Bencore® composite panels?

    We are having a limited stock of Bencore® composite panels. If you would like to order a panel that we do not have on stock, we will order the desired panel for you from Italy. Within two weeks, we will receive the panel/panels in the Netherlands.

    Is it possible to bend Bencore® composite panels?

    Yes, this is possible. However, these panels has to be produced customer specific. Because of this, the delivery will take longer than normal.

    In which colours are the Bencore® composite panels available?

    Bencore® is able to produce all colours and combinations to customer specifications.

    Can I also use Bencore® composite panels for outdoor applications?

    No, this is not possible. It is not advisable to use the panels outdoors since the glue that is used to attach the external sheets to the core is not weatherproof.

    How can I apply the Bencore® composite panels?

    These designer panels are beautiful to be used as room dividers, doors, desks, store presentations and other applications for the indoor architecture. Bencore® panels are not suitable for outdoor applications.

    Partition wall of Dark Kaos

    Dark Kaos, one of the variants of the Bencore composite sheets are here applied as a partition wall. The irregular, black straws give a dynamic effect to the sheet because the image is constantly moving and changing.

    Bencore starlight balie paars Pyrasied
    Desk of Starlight

    This desk is made of Starlight with our pink covering sheets. Starlight is a special and beautiful sheet that can be combined with light.

    Bencore® composite panels from Pyrasied

    PyraSied offers various Bencore ® composite panels in the delivery program. Bencore® is an Italian brand from Carrara, famous because of the marble mountains. PyraSied is working with Bencore® already for years. The composite panels of our Italian friends are very popular in the architecture- and design world for aesthetic applications. Bencore® panels are among the few products where technology, ecology and design are perfectly mixed coupling mechanical properties, light weight, translucency, various colour combinations and the choice from various cores.

    Bencore® panels can be ordered per full sheet and can be custom made in every core or colour of external sheets that our customers desire. Depending on the application, the external sheets are made of acrylic or PETG.

    Curious about more information? Visit the website of Bencore®.

    Bencore® types

    The Bencore® types Starlight, Lightben, Hexaben, Ecoben, Mirror and Pyracoustic are in a limited quantity on stock. Visit the official website of Bencore® for more information about their composite panels.

    Are you looking for a creative and elegant solution for your door? Choose Bencore®! For more information about the door systems of Bencore®, you can visit this website.


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