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    Most extensive stock of acrylic in EuropeAcrylic for professionalsForerunner in recycled acrylic


    25 times stronger than glass, UV-resistant and optically pureVarious thicknesses in clear, various colours and surface structuresMost types are made from 100% recycled acrylic and are fully recyclable
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    Fire certificate Cast acrylic (Plexiglas)
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    Fabrication information
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    Cleaning instruction acrylic
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    Technical datasheets
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is the difference between Plexiglas® and acrylic?

    PLEXIGLAS® and acrylic is the same. PLEXIGLAS® is the brand name of the transparent plastic acrylic, just like Perspex® for example. In the Netherlands, the term ‘plexiglas’ is so known that this became the product name of this plastic.

    What is the difference between Primo® and Versato®?

    Primo® and Versato® are brand names of PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic. We use the brand name Primo® for extruded acrylic (XT). The brand name Versato® is used for all cast acrylics (GS).

    Brand names such as SetaLetter®, Satinglas® and Setacryl® are official brand names of the material, supplied by our European suppliers. PyraSied is the official distributor for these brands.

    What is the difference between XT acrylic and GS acrylic?

    GS (cast acrylic) is optically more pure but has a thickness tolerance *. XT (extruded acrylic) has hardly any thickness tolerance but is optically slightly less pure. However, the optical differences are barely perceptible, certainly not with smaller sheets.

    For applications where the material is in a profile or when a flat surface is required, we recommend the use of extruded acrylic. Because XT acrylic is produced in large quantities, XT acrylic sheets are relatively slightly cheaper than cast GS acrylic sheets.

    Do you want more choice of thicknesses, colours and surfaces? Then you can choose cast (GS) acrylic.

    * a difference in thickness within a sheet. With cast acrylic, the standard for A-quality is +/- 0.4mm + 10% nominal thickness, so a 10mm sheet runs from 8.6 to 11.4mm. Within one sheet!

    What is the difference between acrylic and glass?

    Acrylic has a very high light transmission and this is much higher than glass with 92%. In addition, it is 25 times stronger than glass and only half as heavy. Acrylic is also easy to work with and it will not shatter, which glass does. It is also very durable, it is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and usually light and UV-resistant.

    An advantage of glass over acrylic is the scratch resistance. The acrylic surface is softer and therefore scratches faster. With the right care, this can be minimized/repaired perfectly, while a scratch in glass can no longer be removed.

    Is it possible to fabricate acrylic?

    Acrylic is easy to fabricate. The fabrication possibilities are: Sawing, laser-cutting, milling, warm bending, gluing, drilling, faceting, polishing, sanding, and printing.

    For business customers, it is possible to perform these fabrications by PyraSied. We deliver from our excellently equipped workshop – where a high-tech machine park and classic craftsmanship ensure optimal results, completely customized according to drawing or design.

    Would you like more information about our fabrication possibilities? Please check our website under “Fabrications“. It is also possible to request a quote via this page.

    Is acrylic easy to clean?

    Put a little water in a container and add a drop of dish soap. Do not use Glassex at all. We also sell VuPlex. We recommend using this cleaning agent. In addition to the safe cleaning of acrylic, it also serves as a protective coating, which means that acrylic does not become static. Another good alternative is Burnus antistatic cleaner.

    Wóolis console Chloe duran stone
    Wóolis console

    Chloe Duran Stone has used transparent acrylic in various colours together with mirror acrylic for this beautiful application.

    Salle Privee Milaan PyraSied acrylaatproject van het jaar
    Salle Privée House no. 8

    Sabine Marcelis and Salle Privée chose to work with the material acrylic in the Versato NC colour smoke brown. The perfect colour for in this store! An impressive design in which contrasts perfectly match.

    Acrylic from Pyrasied

    PyraSied is happy to share the beauty of acrylic (PMMA) with you and the world! Acrylic, the transparent plastic that is usually referred to by the brand name Plexiglas®, is a particularly beautiful material, which is why we have many different variants standard in stock. What is so special about ‘normal’ clear acrylic? The beauty lies in that clarity because it is much clearer and stronger than glass. Acrylic has a very high light transmission of 92%, it is an optically pure material.

    This purity is always reflected in the applications. This material is often used by the interior sector for decorative applications. In addition, the material is also often used technically by the industry for, for example, machine covers or reactors. View our reference projects to see examples of applications with our materials.

    Characteristics of acrylic

    Acrylic is known for its excellent characteristics. This material is 25 times stronger than glass, UV-resistant, colourfast, and has a long lifespan. Acrylic remains beautiful for years with proper use. This type of plastic is fully recyclable after use into new acrylic sheets and is therefore good for the environment. We also offer acrylic made from recycled acrylic called Greencast® and Ecocrylic®. The light transmittance of acrylic is 92% and the fire class is E according to EN13501-1. Datasheets are available at www.pyrasied.com/downloads.

    Delivery program of acrylic sheets, tubes, and rods

    PyraSied is an acrylic specialist with the most extensive stock of acrylic sheets, tubes, and rods in Europe. This material is standard in stock in clear, transparent, translucent, satin, and opaque colours and special types such as mirror or metallic. We have this beautiful material available in various thicknesses from 0.5 to 100 mm thick. And the great thing is, we offer flexibility with this material. You can order almost all materials in our delivery program cut-to-size without a minimum purchase.

    Application possibilities

    Acrylic is widely used but is mainly used in interior construction, stand- and decor construction, shop design, lighting, signing, and display construction. Do you want to be inspired with all the possibilities with acrylic? Please check our reference projects for various examples of applications with acrylic

    Fabrication possibilities

    Acrylic is very easy to fabricate. The fabrication possibilities are: cuttingmillinglaser-cuttingoven bendingbondingdrillingfacetingpolishingsanding and printing. Do you want more information about how to fabricate acrylic yourself? Take a look at our fabrications page. Here you can find tips and tricks about the fabrication possibilities of acrylic. These fabrications can be performed by PyraSied if desired. We deliver from our excellently equipped workshop – where high-tech machinery and traditional craftsmanship ensure optimum results, completely tailored to your drawing or design.

    Brand names of acrylic

    The transparent plastic acrylic (PMMA) is known under various well-known brand names such as PLEXIGLAS® and Perspex®. At PyraSied you can recognize this plastic by the following brand names: Astariglas®, Primo®, Versato®, SetaLetter®, Setacryl®, and Satinglas®.

    Primo® and Versato® are PyraSied’s own brand names for extruded (Primo) or cast (Versato) acrylic.


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