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    Delivery times, returns and shipping costs

    PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic its delivery, return and shipping policy at a glance.

    Delivery times

    PyraSied has a special and large stock of plastic sheets, tubes and rods, that is why we can offer you fast delivery times. You can find the delivery time of your order during check-out. If you want us to mill, drill, bond, laser-cut or bend the material, the delivery time will be on request. Depending on our schedule, we can provide a quick service for this as well.

    Delivery times in Europe and outside Europe

    The delivery time of shipping outside the Netherlands is around 5 workdays. This depends per country. PyraSied only ships their materials within Europe. Currently, customers from outside Europe cannot order materials via our webshop. If you are a business client and want to ship the order to a country outside Europe, then you can order via our sales department. You can send an email to sales@pyrasied.nl with your request.

    USA and Canada – we do not ship to the USA and Canada.

    Minimum order amount

    We are a wholesaler and we like to be very flexible. That is why everyone can order from our stock, also cut to size! However, we will charge a minimum of €10,- per piece of material that is ordered from us. This means that there is a possibility that you pay more than the m2 price that is mentioned on the product page when you order a small quantity.

    We apply a minimum order value of €50 for the Benelux and € 500 for other countries with the exception of sample orders.


    Our webshop is only available for customers from the Benelux, Germany, France and Italy. Business customers from other countries can order material through our sales department (sales@pyrasied.nl) with a minimum order value of € 500 and Ex-Works delivery.

    Shipping costs

    There are three categories of shipping costs.

    Category 1 – Samples – When you only order samples, shipping costs are fixed.

    Category 2 – Packages – When you place a larger order, the shipping method depends on the weight and the dimensions of the package. Packages are always lighter than 30 kilograms. The weight of the package is included on the invoice and the order confirmation.

    Category 3 – Pallets – All orders that can’t be shipped as a package will be shipped as a pallet. This means orders heavier than 30 kilograms or larger than 1,5m² in size. There are three pallet options:

    Free shipping

    The Netherlands: orders above €1000,- are without shipping costs.
    Belgium: orders above €2000,- are without shipping costs.


    Returns, damage or wrong material supplied

    Cut-to-size materials or customer-specific products cannot be returned.

    If you order a full sheet or full-length tubes, you may return the material within 14 days if the material (on both sides) is still provided with the protective film. For returns, our sales department must be informed of this. For this, a mail can be sent to helpdesk@pyrasied.nl. The shipping costs are for your own account.

    Suppose your material is delivered for free because the order is above € 1.000? Then you still have to pay the shipping costs when you want to return the material. Has the material arrived undamaged? Then you get the total amount of the order refunded.

    Damage or wrong material supplied

    Damages must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. Has your material been delivered damaged or have you received the wrong material? Fill in our complaint form here. In the complaint form, you state the order number, the type of complaint and provide photos of any damage. The form is sent directly to the sales department. We will contact you within 1 business day.

    Cancelling an order

    It is not possible to cancel saw orders. We are a plastic wholesaler and orders automatically end up at our sawing department, so your order is quickly cut to size and often shipped the same day.