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    Frequently asked questions

    Overview materials

    You can find an overview of all our different types of materials down below

    Material information
    What is the difference between acrylic, polycarbonate and PETG?

    Acrylic is crystal clear, 25 times stronger than glass and available in many colours, thicknesses and surface structures. Acrylic has the fire classification EN13501. Acrylic is very easy to fabricate: sawing/cuttingmillinglaser-cuttinghot and cold bendingglueing/bondingdrillingpolishing and sanding and printing.

    Brand names: PLEXIGLAS®, Versato®, Primo®, Perspex®, Nudec® PMMA, Altuglas® and Astariglas®.

    Polycarbonate is very impact resistant and 250 times stronger than glass. This material is less clear in comparison to acrylic. Polycarbonate is available in clear and in some colours. This material has a better fire classification than acrylic: Bs1d0. Polycarbonate cannot always be laser-cut.

    Brand names: Makrolon® and Lexan®

    PETG is food-grade certified, chemical resistant and is the only plastic that is allowed in public spaces such as airports. Furthermore, PETG is impact resistant and has the same fire certification as polycarbonate. PETG is not UV-resistant. PETG does not have any thickness tolerance and is available in clear and in some colour variations. PETG can also be vacuum formed. This material cannot always be laser-cut.

    Brand names: Vivak®

    What is the difference between XT acrylic and GS acrylic?

    GS (cast acrylic) is optically purer but has a thickness tolerance *. XT (extruded acrylic) has hardly any thickness tolerance but is optically slightly less pure. However, the optical differences are barely perceptible, certainly not with smaller sheets.

    For applications where the material is in a profile or when a flat surface is required, we recommend the use of extruded acrylic. Because XT acrylic is produced in large quantities, XT acrylic sheets are relatively slightly cheaper than cast GS acrylic sheets.

    Do you want more choice of thicknesses, colours and surfaces? Then you can choose cast (GS) acrylic.

    * a difference in thickness within a sheet. With cast acrylic, the standard for A-quality is +/- 0.4mm + 10% nominal thickness, so a 10mm sheet runs from 8.6 to 11.4mm. Within one sheet!

    When do I choose environmentally-friendly plastics?

    You choose environmentally-friendly plastics if sustainability is very important for your product or project. All materials in this collection are completely or largely made from recycled material such as acrylic or plastic waste (packaging material, cutting boards, etc.).

    In our environmentally friendly plastic collection you will find the following materials:

    • Greencast® 100% recycled cast acrylic
    • Ecocrylic® XT 100% recycled extruded acrylic
    • Clean-Sky® tubes 100% recycled acrylic
    • Durat® recycled solid surface material
    • Plasticiet® sheet material from plastic waste
    • Smile Plastics® sheet material from plastic waste
    • Ecoben® composite sheet material made from recycled acrylic
    What are design plastics?

    Design plastics specially developed for the interior industry or other companies that consider design important. Here you will find plastic collections in the latest trend colours, but also special collections with beautiful embedding, for example.

    These collections have been developed in collaboration with our supplier. Every year we expand the collection with new colours and types.

    Are you still missing a certain colour or surface texture? Let us know via marketing@pyrasied.nl. We may be able to help you further.

    What are acrylic laser sizes?

    We have created a special page aimed at laser companies, fab labs, schools and other companies that use a laser machine often. Via www.lasersizes.com you can order fixed sheet sizes that are suitable for laser machines for a reduced amount. The fixed laser sizes that can be ordered here are 400x600mm, 600x900mm and 600x1200mm.

    Where can I find your product datasheets and other downloads?

    You can download all our datasheets via www.pyrasied.com/downloads

    Here you can download the following datasheets:

    • Product datasheets
    • Cleaning manuals
    • Technical datasheets
    • Fabrication datasheets
    • Delivery program 2020