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    Frequently asked questions

    View our frequently asked questions below about: material information, ordering, shipping & delivery, fabrications, recycling & sustainability, cancellation, returns and damage and contact.


    Material information
    What is the difference between XT acrylic and GS acrylic?

    GS (cast acrylic) is optically purer but has a thickness tolerance *. XT (extruded acrylic) has hardly any thickness tolerance but is optically slightly less pure. However, the optical differences are barely perceptible, certainly not with smaller sheets.

    For applications where the material is in a profile or when a flat surface is required, we recommend the use of extruded acrylic. Because XT acrylic is produced in large quantities, XT acrylic sheets are relatively slightly cheaper than cast GS acrylic sheets.

    Do you want more choice of thicknesses, colours and surfaces? Then you can choose cast (GS) acrylic.

    * a difference in thickness within a sheet. With cast acrylic, the standard for A-quality is +/- 0.4mm + 10% nominal thickness, so a 10mm sheet runs from 8.6 to 11.4mm. Within one sheet!

    What is the difference between acrylic, polycarbonate and PETG?

    Acrylic is crystal clear, 25 times stronger than glass and available in many colours, thicknesses and surface structures. Acrylic has the fire classification EN13501. Acrylic is very easy to fabricate: sawing/cutting, milling, laser-cutting, hot and cold bending, glueing/bonding, drilling, polishing and sanding and printing.

    Brand names: PLEXIGLAS®, Versato®, Primo®, Perspex®, Nudec® PMMA, Altuglas® and Astariglas®.

    Polycarbonate is very impact resistant and 250 times stronger than glass. This material is less clear in comparison to acrylic. Polycarbonate is available in clear and in some colours. This material has a better fire classification than acrylic: Bs1d0. Polycarbonate cannot always be laser-cut.

    Brand names: Makrolon® and Lexan®

    PETG is food-grade certified, chemical resistant and is the only plastic that is allowed in public spaces such as airports. Furthermore, PETG is impact resistant and has the same fire certification as polycarbonate. PETG is not UV-resistant. PETG does not have any thickness tolerance and is available in clear and in some colour variations. PETG can also be vacuum formed. This material cannot always be laser-cut.

    Brand names: Vivak®

    What is the difference between plexiglas/plexiglass and acrylic?

    Plexiglas/plexiglass/PLEXIGLAS® and acrylic is the same. PLEXIGLAS® is the brand name of the transparent plastic acrylic, just like Perspex® for example. In the Netherlands, the term ‘plexiglas’ is so known that this became the product name of this plastic.

    What is the difference between acrylic and glass?

    Acrylic has a very high light transmission and this is much higher than glass with 92%. In addition, it is 25 times stronger than glass and only half as heavy. Acrylic is also easy to work with and it will not shatter, which glass does. It is also very durable, it is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and usually light and UV-resistant.

    An advantage of glass over acrylic is the scratch resistance. The acrylic surface is softer and therefore scratches faster. With the right care, this can be minimized/repaired perfectly, while a scratch in glass can no longer be removed.

    How do I clean your material?

    Put a little water in a container and add a drop of dish soap. Do not use Glassex at all. We also sell VuPlex. We recommend using this cleaning agent. In addition to the safe cleaning of acrylic, it also serves as a protective coating, which means that acrylic does not become static. Another good alternative is Burnus antistatic cleaner.

    Which material do you recommend using for outdoor applications?

    Acrylic itself is 100% UV resistant. Acrylic can easily be used outside for 30 years without the material yellowing.

    If the material also has to be impact-resistant because it must be vandal-proof or weather-resistant, polycarbonate is the most suitable material. Make sure you choose a UV-proof polycarbonate sheet.

    Where can I find your product datasheets and other downloads?

    You can download all our datasheets via www.pyrasied.com/downloads

    Here you can download the following datasheets:

    • Product datasheets
    • Cleaning manuals
    • Technical datasheets
    • Fabrication datasheets
    • Delivery program 2020
    Do you have a showroom?

    Yes, we have a showroom in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Please make an appointment via marketing@pyrasied.nl.

    Is the Netherlands too far for you? Then you can order samples of all our materials via our webshop. You can order a sample on the product page. Click on the white button with a green frame with the text “order sample”. The dimensions and thickness are stated on the right side of the page.

    Would you like to receive samples from the entire collection? Then choose a “complete sample chain”. You will receive a sample of each colour in the size 50x50mm.

    Can I order your material cut to size (for free)?

    Yes, almost all products in our webshop can be custom ordered (cut-to-size). Please note that all dimensions are given in millimetres (mm). We charge with a minimum order amount of € 50,-.

    Webshop orders with cut-to-size plastic sheets are always delivered without finishing the edges. The edges of the cut-to-size plastic sheets are always quite rough, there is a saw stroke. Sawn panels are not delivered burr-free as standard. The edges can be polished for a shiny, sleek edge finish. This gives the best result.

    What is your minimum price per piece?

    We are a wholesaler and we also like to be flexible. That is why everyone can order from us. Also cut-to-size! We do use a minimum amount of €10,- per piece of material that is ordered from us. It is, therefore, possible that with small sizes you pay proportionately more than the square meter price that is stated with the material. We have a minimum order amount of € 50,-.

    Which countries do you ship to?

    We ship to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy and France.

    We do not deliver to other countries in Europe if you order via our webshop.  If you are from another country in Europa and you are a business client, then you can contact our sales department via sales@pyrasied.nl.


    Can I also pay on invoice as a private individual?

    No, this is not possible. We offer you the following payment possibilities: credit card, iDEAL, PayPal, Bancontant/MisterCash and Sofort payment.

    How can I adjust my order in my shopping cart?

    On the right you will see a small grey cross, if you press this you will remove the item. Then you can, for example, add the material again in a different colour or with different dimensions. Quantities can easily be changed in the checkout screen.

    Is the cross not visible? Then there is a chance that you use the Internet Explorer browser. We always recommend using Chrome or Firefox. IE no longer performs updates, so our webshop does not function optimally with this browser.

    Do I receive an invoice of my order?

    Yes, you will receive the invoice in your mailbox together with the order confirmation.

    I cannot find a product on your website, who can I contact?

    Get into contact with one of our plastic specialists and we like to help you with your questions as soon as possible: +31 (0)58-7676116 / Helpdesk@pyrasied.nl

    Why can't I order all of the material online?

    Materials that we do not have in stock, but that have them manufactured customer-specific, cannot be ordered online. In addition, our design plastics are special materials that also deserve special treatment and explanation. We advise our customers about how they can use these materials so that the best results are achieved. The materials that cannot be ordered online can be ordered via email. Keep in mind that the delivery time is longer for these products.

    Can I order samples of your materials?

    Yes, you can order a sample on the product page. Click on the white button with a green frame with the text “order sample”. The dimensions and thickness are stated on the right side of the page.

    Would you like to receive samples from the entire collection? Then choose a “complete sample chain”. You will receive a sample of each colour in the size 50x50mm.

    Shipping & delivery
    What are your delivery times?

    If you order before 13:00h, it will be shipped the next workday. You will always receive an email with track & trace once the order has been shipped. Please contact helpdesk@pyrasied.nl if you have any questions about the delivery of your order.

    How do I track my order?

    You will receive an email with a track & trace code as soon as the order has been shipped. With this track & trace code, you can track your order.

    If you have any questions about the delivery of your order, you can contact our carrier directly. You can use the package number from your track & trace code to request information.

    My order isn't delivered yet, who can I contact?

    It may be that your package has been delayed by the carrier. We, therefore, recommend that you first take a good look at the Track & Trace code. This states what time delivery will take place.

    If you have any questions about the delivery of your order, you can contact our carrier directly. You can use the package number from your Track & Trace code to request information.

    Have you not yet received a Track & Trace code? Please contact our helpdesk.

    Who will deliver my order?

    That depends on the dimensions of your order.

    Samples are sent by PostNL. Packages and pallets are shipped with Koopman Transmission (national) or Veenstra Fritom (international).

    Can you deliver internationally?

    We ship to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and France. Other countries can order ex works with a minimum order quantity of € 500,-.

    What are the shipping costs based on?

    The shipping costs are calculated based on the dimensions and the total weight of the order. Information about these shipping costs can be found here.

    The shipping costs include the fabrications we have to perform for your material. For example, packaging the material so that it does not suffer damage and removing the material from the warehouse with a forklift.

    My Track & Trace code isn't working, what can I do?

    Your order can be followed from the moment the carrier has scanned your order. The code is therefore effective 12 hours after you received it.

    How can you fabricate plastics such as acrylic?

    Possible fabrications are sawing/cutting, milling, laser-cutting, hot and cold bending, glueing/bonding, drilling, polishing and sanding and printing.

    For business customers, it is possible to perform these fabrications by PyraSied. We deliver from our excellently equipped workshop – where a high-tech machine park and classic craftsmanship ensure optimal results, completely customized according to drawing or design.

    Would you like more information about our fabrication possibilities? Please check our website under “Fabrications“. It is also possible to request a quote via this page.

    What are the delivery times for fabrications?

    Sawing: 1 – 2 days
    Laser-cutting: +/- 1 week
    Milling: +/- 1 week
    Oven bending: +/- 4 weeks
    Bending: +/- 2 weeks
    Polishing: machine 1 week, hand 2 weeks
    Glueing: mitre 2 weeks, 2 components 3 weeks

    * These delivery times may vary depending on the period

    Do you perform fabrications for private individuals?

    No, we only perform fabrications for business customers. Individuals can choose from our wide range of materials through our webshop. We saw all materials to size for free.

    What are the costs for additional fabrications?

    Cutting our plastics to size is free of charge. The price for additional fabrications such as laser cutting or milling depends on the request. You can request a quote via our sales department. Clearly state the quantities, the type of material, the thickness, the desired finish and the deadline. If available you can also add a working drawing (AutoCAD, dxf or dwg).

    Recycling & sustainability
    Do you have plastic residues/left-overs?

    Yes, we collect all large left-overs on left-over pallets. These left-over pallets consist of 175kg of mixed scraps. This can contain colour, clear, specials in various plastics such as acrylic and polycarbonate. A leftover pallet costs € 175, – and it is always a surprise what you receive! It is not possible to choose left-overs yourself.

    All small remnants and production waste are recycled into new sheet material. It is not possible to order these left-overs.

    Do you want to order smaller size sheets? Then you can order cut-to-size via our webshop or via www.lasersizes.com in fixed sheet sizes suitable for the laser machine.

    I have a lot of plastic left-overs. Can I return it for recycling?

    Yes, it is certainly possible! We are happy to recycle your acrylic left-overs so that new sheets can be produced again. Contact our helpdesk for more information.

    Recycling your plastic remnants is an extra service. The shipping costs are for your own account.

    How is acrylic recycled?

    The collected acrylic goes to a company that will remove the PE protective foil of the material. This foil is recycled separately and can be used for roadside poles and sheet piling for example. Then, the residue of the acrylic sheets, tubes et cetera will be shredded into small blocks and is going to be driven in big bags to the acrylic factory.

    In a closed vessel, the acrylic, without the addition of oxygen, is heated such that the polymeric plastic disintegrates into the separate “links” where that polymeric resin was composed. These links, the basic building stone, is called monomer. In this case, we make from polymethyl methacrylic (pmma) a monomethyl acrylic (mma). This is a quite simple and clean process. Monomer is vapour at high temperatures. This vapour is collected and by cooling in a downward side branch from the top of the vessel, the vapour becomes a liquid again. The liquid is then completely purified with a filter, so that the colours are removed, leaving a completely clear liquid. The filter residue of this purification is used to heat the recycling installation. The minimal residues, which are left over after combustion – together with the dust particles from the smoke filters- are eliminated. These fractions are very small and not particularly toxic. It is mainly carbon.

    The filtered clean monomer is then used to make new, beautifully bright or coloured acrylic sheets, but now from 100% recycled material. This sheet is called Versato® Greencast.

    How can we be sure that Greencast® is really made from recycled acrylic?

    We are regularly asked if Greencast® is really “recycled” and that it is not a fake. We can prove that this is really not the case. Our supplier, Madreperla, is an ISO certified company. This means that the material flow is recorded in detail for the purpose of, among other things, quality controls. In addition, Madreperla has enough R-MMA in stock to make Greencast®. Madreperla, therefore, has no reason to make Greencast® from “virgin” PMMA.

    Is there a difference between virgin (not recycled) cast acrylic and recycled acrylic?

    No, the properties are completely the same. Greencast® is less suitable for very demanding applications such as light guide plates. Furthermore, the material is suitable for the same applications.

    Does acrylic have a cradle-to-cradle certification?

    We have done research with the EPEA, the certificating authority of the cradle-to-cradle organization. That is absolutely feasible and a certificate is possible. The lowest grey level is undoubtedly achievable.

    However, for a certification range, PyraSied is a distributor dependent on its producers. Given the time and money to invest, this is not a simple decision for a medium-sized manufacturer, even if we offer financial support in this regard.

    Cancellation, returns and damage
    Can I cancel my order?

    Orders can be cancelled within 1 hour. If the order was placed more than 1 hour ago, the order can no longer be cancelled.

    Do you want to cancel your order? Send an email to helpdesk@pyrasied.nl.

    Can I return my order?

    Cut-to-size materials or custom-made products cannot be returned.

    If you order a full sheet or full-length tubes, you may return the material within 14 days, if the material (on both sides) is still provided with the protective film. For returns, our Helpdesk should be informed. For this, an email can be sent to helpdesk@pyrasied.nl. The shipping costs are for your own account.

    Suppose your material is delivered for free because the order is above € 1000,-? Then you still have to pay the shipping costs when you want to return the material. Has the material arrived at us undamaged? Then you will be refunded the total amount of the order.

    Return address: Aldebaranweg 9, 8938BD, Leeuwarden

    I have a complaint about my order (damage, wrong material, wrong dimensions). Who can I contact?

    Damages must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. Has your material been delivered damaged or have you received the wrong material? Then you can fill in our complaint form. In the complaint form, you state the order number, the type of complaint and provide photos of any damage. The form will be forwarded directly to our Helpdesk. We will contact you as soon as possible.

    I received a blue sheet/white sheet instead of clear. Also, there are scratches in the material. What to do?

    Our sheets have a protective film on both sides. Depending on the material, it may have a coloured film such as blue or white. Is your sheet blue? Then there is a high probability that the protective film is still on it!

    In addition, it can appear as if there are scratches in the material, often the scratch is in the foil. First, check whether the scratch is really in the sheet or in the foil before contacting our helpdesk.

    Is the sheet damaged? Then please fill in our complaint form.

    I need advice about your materials, can I contact you?

    Yes, you can contact our plastic specialists via mail or phone.

    Mail: sales@pyrasied.nl
    Phone: +31 (0) 58 7676100

    Where can I request a quotation?

    All materials can be ordered cut-to-size via the webshop. After filling in the dimensions, you will immediately see the price per piece.

    Do you want to have a fabrication carried out or order larger quantities? Then you can request a quotation via our sales department (sales@pyrasied.nl).

    When can I reach PyraSied?

    We are available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 – 17:00.

    Mail: sales@pyrasied.nl
    Phone: +31 (0) 58 7676100