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    Professionally printing on acrylic

    PyraSied has a flatbed printer that can print up to a size of 1200 x 2500 mm and a thickness of 40 mm acrylic and other plastics such as polycarbonate and PETG full-colour high-resolution. We did not purchase this printer to print photos on acrylic, but to change or improve the surfaces of our materials.

    Printing quality from PyraSied

    With our high-quality printer, we can apply a colour layer to various plastics such as acrylic, polycarbonate and PETG. This printer offers unprecedented possibilities in terms of colour, but also on surface structures. For example, we can easily make clear plates coloured, but also diffuse.
    Because polycarbonate and PETG cannot be supplied in colour in small quantities, it is nice that we can now print these in translucent colours. Translucent colours are translucent, but not transparent. The sheets always have a satin surface, never shiny.
    The use side of printed plastic sheets is renewable matt. This means that if the surface has become ugly, and that requires effort, then this surface can be restored as new by matting. The matte colour layer can be easily removed after use after the colour layer has been removed, the sheet can be fully recycled again.

    In development

    This printer has so many options that we are currently discovering what kind of specialities we can offer our customers.
    This is how we try:

    We started using the flatbed printer in October 2017 and we will still have to learn a lot. So far we are very impressed with the quality and the possibilities.

    Request quote

    A free quote can be requested through our sales department. We would like to receive a detailed description of the project, which material and thickness are required and possibly a digital drawing in .dxf, .dwg or .ai.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What information do you need to prepare a quote?

    PyraSied provides fabrications for all professional customers who use our materials in their idea or project. It is possible to request a personal quote through our sales department (sales@pyrasied.nl). To prepare a suitable offer, we need the following information:

    • The chosen material and the required thickness
    • Desired edge-finishing
    • Dimensions and amount
    • A digital drawing or example with shapes and sizes (.dwg, .dxf, .ai)

    Our sales staff will then proceed with the request. To speed up the process, we would like to receive what the wishes are as extensively as possible. Our sales department usually answers all incoming requests within 48 hours. Every customer receives a personal quote.

    How long does it take to receive a quote?

    Our sales department usually answers within 48 hours on workdays.