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    Professionally laser-cutting of acrylic

    Acrylic (Plexiglas) is very easy to laser-cut with high precision. A laser is a light beam that can cut through a product with the right power and speed. We have 2 high-quality CNC laser-cut machines and therefore, we can deliver very quickly.

    Other materials such as polycarbonate, PET (G) and technical plastics cannot be laser-cut. When laser-cutting these materials, toxic gases can be released and the edges turn brown. In addition, polycarbonate melts as a result of the laser-cut. These materials can be milled very easily.

    Laser quality of PyraSied

    The maximum sheet size of our CNC laser machine is 3050x2050mm and can handle thicknesses up to 20mm. Thicker sheets cannot be laser-cut, but it is possible to use milling techniques. We laser-cut both serial projects as individual projects. Letters, figures and other shapes are easily laser-cut to the millimetre with the help of an AutoCAD drawing. We laser-cut mainly for business clients in the lighting-, display-, signing- and interior industry.

    Laser quality of PyraSied

    PyraSied can apply various laser techniques with our CNC laser machines. We can laser contours, but it is also possible to engrave the material, for example. The advantage of laser-cutting acrylic is that the edges are neatly finished without any unevenness. The laser-cut edges are completely burr-free, so no aftercare is needed. Another advantage of laser-cutting acrylic is that the edges no longer need to be polished. A smooth cut is formed without any oxide formation. The laser edges are always nicely finished.

    Fixed laser sizes

    We have created a special page aimed at laser companies, fab labs, schools and other companies that use a laser machine often. Via www.lasersizes.com you can order fixed sheet sizes that are suitable for laser machines for a reduced amount. The fixed laser sizes that can be ordered here are 400x600mm, 600x900mm and 600x1200mm.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What are examples of end products that you can laser-cut?

    With our laser machines, we can laser-cut serial volumes very easily and quickly for all professionals. The PyraSied laser machine park is designed for large serial volumes. PyraSied offers the following laser-cutting options for professionals in the market:

    • Laser-cutting acrylic light diffusers in special forms such as discs, ovals, circles etc. for the light sector.
    • Laser-cutting plastic parts suitable for interior construction.
    • Laser-cutting special shapes in special design acrylic sheets for designers and artists, for example. Suitable acrylic collections are, for example, mirror, metallic, Myst, Crystal and many more acrylic collections.
    • Accurate laser-cutting of fixed holes in large areas.
    What information do you need to prepare a quote?

    PyraSied provides fabrications for all professional customers who use our materials in their idea or project. It is possible to request a personal quote through our sales department (sales@pyrasied.nl). To prepare a suitable offer, we need the following information:

    • The chosen material and the required thickness
    • Desired edge-finishing
    • Dimensions and amount
    • A digital drawing or example with shapes and sizes (.dwg, .dxf, .ai)

    Our sales staff will then proceed with the request. To speed up the process, we would like to receive what the wishes are as extensively as possible. Our sales department usually answers all incoming requests within 48 hours. Every customer receives a personal quote.

    How long does it take to receive a quote?

    Our sales department usually answers within 48 hours on workdays.

    What type of drawing should I submit when I want to laser-cut my acrylic?

    We need an AutoCAD drawing. We are also able to make AutoCAD drawings, but there are additional costs involved.

    We always optimize the supplied drawing based on the material used. In this way, there is as little material loss as possible. We also advise our customers if the drawing can be optimized or if, for example, there should be more space between edges.

    We are happy to think along with you!

    Can you also laser-cut other plastics such as polycarbonate, PET (G), technical plastics, etc.?

    We can only laser-cut acrylic with our CNC-controlled laser machines. Other plastics such as polycarbonate, PET (G), technical plastics (PE, POM, PA6, PVC etc.) and special design plastics such as Smile Plastics and Durat® Palace cannot be laser-cut at PyraSied.

    These plastics can be milled to size.

    What is the edge finish of laser-cut plastic sheets?

    The edges of laser-cut sheets have a glossy finish. The sheets no longer need to be polished after laser-cutting. The sheets are also automatically burr-free.

    Note that with white acrylic there may be soot buildup in the corners. This is easy to clean.

    Do you have any additional wishes regarding finishing? Let us know. We ensure that the end product is delivered that meets your wishes.

    How long does it take until my acrylic can be laser-cut?

    The delivery time of our fabrications is on request. The delivery time depends on busyness. Usually, the delivery time for laser-cutting acrylic is 1 working week.

    Contact us for the exact delivery time.

    I would like to laser-cut your material by myself. Do you have tips for me?

    We recommend that you always have your material laser-cut by someone who has experience with this. We can help you with that. In addition, it is important that someone is always present at the laser machine as soon as the laser machine is in operation. Do not leave the machine alone. This is very important with regard to safety. There is a chance that a fire will start, so make sure that a fire extinguisher is within reach.

    If you are going to laser-cut acrylic, you must leave the foil on it. This protects the material. It may be necessary to clean the material after removing the foil because soot buildup can occur on the edges. Smaller laser machines cannot handle thicknesses up to 20mm, check in advance what the maximum working range of your machine is.