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    Custom-made machine covers and parts

    Are you looking for custom-made machine covers or machine parts? We at PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic are happy to be your reliable and expert partner for this.

    Machine covers or parts made of plastic, such as acrylic, polycarbonate or PETG, are often used to reduce the risk of accidents. This type of cover increases safety on the work floor and also prevents dust from entering the machine. In addition, it ensures that the machine can easily perform its work. A custom machine cover or part offers extra protection for your employees, but also extends the life of the machine. The covers are custom-made in the dimensions required for your machine.

    What is certain is that everything is produced according to your specification and quality standards. If desired supported by the appropriate certificates and technical datasheets. We can also mill additional parts such as wear-resistant PE parts for you.

    Serial or one-off

    We have experience in large series of machine covers and parts, but we can also produce a one-off machine cover, large or small, with the same ease. We have all materials in stock as standard and all fabrications in-house. We can, therefore, deal flexibly with the wishes of our customers. We like to think along and translate simple drawings into our working drawing. Challenge us with your project and request a quote below.

    Material selection: acrylic, polycarbonate or PETG

    Depending on the application of the machine cover or part, we recommend optically pure acrylic, impact-resistant polycarbonate or food-grade certified PETG.

    Acrylic is optically purer than glass, it has a light transmission of up to 92%! Acrylic is also 25 times stronger than glass and much lighter in weight. Acrylic can be easily fabricated and it does not shatter. In addition, this material is UV-resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It does not yellow. This material is available in multiple colours and thicknesses. By choosing a colour you give a machine a distinctive look.

    Polycarbonate is available in clear, smoke brown and anthracite in various thicknesses. Polycarbonate is known for its extreme impact resistance and fire behaviour (Bs1d0). It is even 250 times stronger than glass! Polycarbonate scratches faster than acrylic but offers extra safety because it cannot break. It is possible to order from 250 kilos of polycarbonate (and also PETG) in 20 other transparent colours.

    PETG is the only clear plastic that has a food-grade certification and is, therefore, suitable for machines that come into contact with food.

    Quality of PyraSied

    Reliable, because we can always deliver and quickly too! We have all materials in stock here and all fabrications are carried out in our production warehouse by our hand fabrication team. We can therefore also flexibly help you with all your wishes.

    Expert, because we have more than 35 years of experience in making large and small series of custom showcases. But we can also produce single display cases for you.

    What is certain is that our showcases are always made bubble-free and without visible adhesive edges. Also, or rather, if your display case differs from the usual, you have come to the right place at os. We can make cases up to 3 meters long, display cases with round corners and round domes up to a diameter of 610 mm.

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